Rules & Regulations

   1. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the campus premises. Possession and consumption of alcohol and narcotics and other illegal activities in any form are strictly prohibited. Any violation of the mentioned rules will be reported to your college and the case will be severely dealt with.


   2. If any damage to the college properties is reported, the caution deposit will be withheld and the cost of the damage will be collected.


   3. No matter how short the duration of stay is, he/she will be charged the equivalent of a day’s stay.


   4. Female participants are strictly requested to reach the campus before 10.30 pm on the day of arrival.


   5. Girls have to follow the curfew system that prevails in the college strictly (9 pm).


   6. Please make entries in the register kept with the security whenever you move in and out of the allotted room.


   7. It is not advisable to keep valuable items along with the luggage in the room. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage to your property.


   8. Refund of caution money is subject to terms and conditions along with the return of receipt provided at the time of registration.


   9. The Organisation will not take responsibility for any form of damage to person or property during the course of De'Oleum 2018.


  10. In case of any discrepancy, the decision of De'Oleum team is final.


Please feel free to contact us anytime


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Frequently Asked Questions

From when can I avail accommodation?


From 16th June 2018, 8.00 AM onward.


When does accommodation close?


10th August 2018, 20:00


What are the documents that I am supposed to bring?


It is mandatory to bring the College ID card, Your Oleum ID (Which will be sent to your email).


Whom should I approach for accommodation on arrival?


You have to make a contact for Public Relation and Hospitality. The Contact numbers will be sent in through mail after Registration for Public Relation.




Can I vacate earlier than the registered date?


Yes, but the money will not be refunded




Does the accommodation charge include food?


Only Breakfast and Dinner are provided, but you can make use of the canteens/food stalls available during de'Oleum at your own expense.


Can I cancel accommodation after registering?


If you cancel, money will be refunded in a week or two.


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